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Default the O.T.O Hoax


Many of you are from Australia. Here's a little jewel from Australia that you might enjoy.

The very persecuted has been forced to pay 30,000 [whatever] to the O.T.O. of Australia.

That's all well and good. The claim is that gaiaguys 'defamed' the O.T.O.

Now I know how sad everyone is that the poor, persecuted O.T.O. has had to endure such ridicule.

I just thought you all might like to know that the whole ordeal is pure anachronism. It's a fake, a fraud, a con game.

Gave great press coverage for O.T.O. in Australia, and now people might think that it's not safe to talk badly about the sacred Knights of the Eastern Orient.

The truth of the matter: You can still say any damn thing you please about the O.T.O.

The whole thing was a staged mock trial BY the O.T.O. did not show up for the trial, so O.T.O. won.

The short story: IS O.T.O.

This is just one example of what O.T.O. does all over the world.


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