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Default Re: How many religious intolerance threads does it take to distract good "men"?

"We have received complaints regarding some of your

We don't believe in censoring people, and we encourage
dissent, but we do not tolerate abusive posts and

If we receive more complaints, we'll have to terminate
your membership.

Club Conspiracy Admin"

Where ever you go, there you are.

Freeman and madcow, if you want my phone number, anna and sable have it. Nohope and darkchild too. I'll find you all in another place in cyber time.

I will terminate myself from this forum for if I cannot be who I am, in my most honest form, please or offend, I will not censor myself from the honesty of my thoughts. Funny, I had a very interesting chat with my brother in Ottawa, this morning, about this exact issue, pertaining to a completely different forum.


P.s. Was this the email that you all gave reference to earlier or was I the only one to recieve this message?
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