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Default Re: How did the Female end up Worshipping herself?


We have all been lied too by the culture managers. You have to understand that no matter how much the social engineers tinker the cannot undo what is basic in human nature.

Yes they can manipulate us into thinking almost anything but they cannot make us understand the consequences.

The sense that there is something wrong with us or with others, that feeling that we cannot understand is the real us trying to gasp reality. We have been programed to believe things that are convenient to the powers that be.

We confuse history with the memory of films we have seen. We believe what we are shown daily on the tube or by print or radio.

The music we hear is their prime agent of brain washing just think of those lyrics entering into are brains through the ipod while we work at something else, not bothering to censor them.

All this slowly sinks in if we are not aware. Just think that we now have over 3 generations that have been bombarded since birth with memes.

Feminism has been the most sophisticated and powerful meme of them all. IT has made spinsters of potentially great mothers. it has destroyed families and is on the verge of destroying civilization.

You must understand that there are consequences to everything. Men know this and are willing to accept it when their choice has been based on thought. The problem is that most women base their logic on emotion and emotions are fleeting specially in women

If women want to live by the feminist creed fine but they must understand that it will have its consequences. Things like free sex to men or women, non working relationships, probably no
children, dying in war... Why because what they believe is totally against the best in nature.

So Barbara its your decision to wake up or not but don't blame the men.

Have you ever thought a thought on thought
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