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Yeah, really.

What's wrong with being paranoid?

The term is a Greek term meaning 'by the mind'.

It deals with man's ability to detect sublimation.

Why does Hegelian/Marxist psychology list it as a 'disorder'?

Could it be that they have tried to destroy one of man's most deep seated defense mechanisms?


The truth of the matter is that until people are willing to be paranoid, they simply will never step out of the box. And if they never step out of the box, they will always be slaves.

BE PARANOID! It is a natural response in humanity that detects subliminal enemies. Learn to hold balanced paranoia between the concious rational thinking and the subconscious subliminal mind.

If you attain this, you will will be what Christ called 'Wise as serpents, and innocent as doves.'

It is not a disorder to have paranoia. It might just save your life.
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