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Default Re: How many religious intolerance threads does it take to distract good "men"?

I honestly believe that it's less about what religion or denomination one follows and more about developing spiritual qualities. I do not wish to write too much about what spiritual qualities are, but basically I'm referring to godlike traits such as a spirit of selfless service; working on faith towards whatever one's objective is with focus on action and detachment from results of the action; being open to receiving better ideas and plans from the Infinite; being sensitive to other people's needs; being humble and treating other beings with respect; being committed to constant self-improvement and becoming a better person; having a continuous quest for truth; and so on.

It's the spiritual qualities that are common to all of world's religions and these are what provide FULFILLMENT to any person. Anyone who follows them automatically finds more fulfillment within; if not, we are just missing the boat.

As far as Christians or Moslems are concerned, they are free to believe whatever they choose to believe in, but if they do not develop the spiritual qualities, then they too are missing the boat. Whatever they believe as "truth", if it serves them well, then it's fine. However, I don't think they can force other people to accept the same.

If they truly believe that other people need to accept their version of "truth", then they need to work on faith, with focus on actions, and detachment from results; also being open to receiving better ideas and plans from God; and being committed to constant self-improvement. With all these together, if God wishes to reward them for their efforts, they will certainly be rewarded.

The problem comes when people try to force things to happen through psychological fear-based manipulation, instead of focussing on selfless service and let their examples speak for themselves.

The NWO agenda is to blind the people from the awareness of true spiritual qualities, and they accomplish the same by dividing people on the basis of their denominations. This is exactly what creates unnecessary conflicts and disunity. And it's really upto us to recognize the problem and fight back by making a constant effort to develop spiritual qualities and spreading the same message to other people as well.
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