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Default Re: Bush: Miers Qualified to be on Top Court

It is obvious that Bush Lite believes in On the Job Training; besides Miers, there was Brown and Chertoff. It cost the country dearly for their training period.

Things are stacking up in such a way that it promises to be an interesting winter; IF the Bird Flu doesn't get us there is a good chance many will freeze to death because of the high price of natural gas and heating oil. Space heaters will rack up their usual numbers along with candles, etc., that start fires in the apartments of our newest arrivals.

For someone who was AWOL most of his "military service," this guy is chomping at the bit to bring in the troops and bring on more instances Martial Law.

Did you notice how he was throwing numbers around regarding battalion strength of Iraqi soldiers. He said 80 battalions of the Iraqi Army are presently fighting alongside American troops and that 30 were prepared to go it alone. Seems his top CO in Iraq differed slightly by saying out of a total of 3 Battalions of Iraqi troops, perhaps one was capable of going it alone.

Who do you believe? :lol:

Finally, just couldn't resis it, sorry. :-?

The Prezzzzz says his head is not in 2008, it is in 2005. Well, here it is 2005 and can we all say where his head is?????

UP HIS A_____!! :-D

That's great, I knew we could!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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