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BlueAngel wrote:
fra_nothing wrote:
Yeah, really.

What's wrong with being paranoid?

The term is a Greek term meaning 'by the mind'.

It deals with man's ability to detect sublimation.

Why does Hegelian/Marxist psychology list it as a 'disorder'?

Could it be that they have tried to destroy one of man's most deep seated defense mechanisms?


The truth of the matter is that until people are willing to be paranoid, they simply will never step out of the box. And if they never step out of the box, they will always be slaves.

BE PARANOID! It is a natural response in humanity that detects subliminal enemies. Learn to hold balanced paranoia between the concious rational thinking and the subconscious subliminal mind.

If you attain this, you will will be what Christ called 'Wise as serpents, and innocent as doves.'

It is not a disorder to have paranoia. It might just save your life.

You know, I never looked at it that way; however, it makes perfect sense, because in a way, it's like a sixth sense.

And, the PARANOIA that can overcome you, together with anger, etc. when you realize the elements that you are facing is very discomforting and for certain most of the population would rather feel comfy and remain in denial.

I, on the otherhand, try to enjoy days of solitude without full blown PARANOIA!!!

:lol: 8-) :lol: 8-) :lol: 8-)
That is exactly why it is important to balance healthy paranoia with conscious ratio-linear thinking.

The problem with paranoia is that since it has such a stigma about it people have been trained to repress the natural paranoid defense mechanism.

You must reintegrate the subconscious with the conscious. If you have this balance, you will find that paranoia no longer 'drains you' like it once did. In fact, having the personality reintegrated as a unity will do nothing but 'energize' you.

Marxist psychology (which is the foundation of ALL modern pseudo-science) actually works to create 'alters' in people.

The solution for the marxist? Tell people that they are delusional and then put them on Trilaphon and Prosac - which will finish the work of pickling their brain.

The Marxist first creates artificial 'normality', then creates disorders, which are all 'scientific', for those who will not be controlled in the herd.

Why attack paranoia? Because it is a powerful defense mechanism within humans. It it the beginning of that very 'sixth sense' that you mentioned. It is the very quintessence of humanity. It's called true Discernment.

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