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A bit more about the correct use and understaning of Paranoia, which is using that ability of Para-mindedness.

The averse pentagram is an apt symbol for the Satanist. Man as a quintessence is understood to be fully integrated (erect, upright), when the Spirit, his Pneuma stands at the top of the star and rules the elemental passions.

Yet if this Pneuma, this Spirit is negated, supressed under the elemental principles of the world, the fire, and the water, and the dust of the earth and the soulish wind, the breath of physic, then a man might be totally controlled by the god of this world, the Prince of the Power of the Air, who is called the Old Dragon, and the Diabolical, and the Adversary.

The goal of empowerment, of course, is to reintegrate man in power. And there is only one way to do it. To do so, man must become fully reunified with God and the Holy Spirit. This is only possible through the vicarious substitution of the judgment due to man that Christ took upon himself on the cross.

The Satanist will say that the Cross is gross incompetance. They are correct. It is a symbol of the gross incompetance of humans to be human in the image of God. That is exactly why Christ had to die on the tree.

It is written: Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree. They symbol is no symbol of good. It is the symbol of a curse. For Christ, even as Moses raised the serpent on the standard, became sin on our behalf, that through him we might become the Righteousness of God - a fully integrated quintessence - along with another - the Spirit of the Living God, which actually now makes us Six.
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