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Default Re: Dog Murders Mass Torture Sexual Assault in St. Bernard's Parish

I will reveal a small portion of what I can.

909 codename SHAZAM. Began full working on Aug. 27. Target, 909 square, New Orleans, La.

Significance = N.O.L.A. The glad word of the Book of the Law. The 'lost' word of the Freemason. LA, the reversal of AL, God. LA=Nothing.

Signicance of huricane Katrina. Katrina = Greek., 'Purified'.

For it is written, "I have my way in the whirlwind and the storm."

Obliteration of N.O.L.A. in 909 = Fall of the House of the Rising Sun on all planes...Left as a desolation for evil unclean spirit, and every foul bird.
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