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Default Re: How did the Female end up Worshipping herself?

One of the amazing things about the feminist movement is not only how false it is 'outwardly', but even the core belief system that binds it all together. This is the basic position whence springs feminism - Men and Women are equal in every way.

Well, physically, this is absurd. Anyone with eyes can see that the male is the females physical superior in terms of physical strength. They are not 'equal', they are not even comparable.

But, what I think men have lost sight of is the fact that males and females are not even intellectually equal.

Seriously. Men are even the intellectual superiors of women. This goes far to explain why women are more gullible. Why did Satan choose Eve as his victim instead of Adam?

Was the choice arbitrary? No. Satan went to the weakest intellect - woman. Adam sinned because he listened to Eve, not because he believed her. It is stated explicitely in Scripture that Eve was deceived, but Adam was not deceived.

Men and women are not equal, nor are they comparable. They were created for two different works that complement one another. But woman was made for man, not man for woman. Adam was first created, then Eve afterward.
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