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Default Re: How did the Female end up Worshipping herself?

Now some may say something like, "Yes, but that is your Bible, and that is your doctrine of women. But our tradition teaches differently."

The response to this is that it has not one wit to do with 'Scriptures' of any kind. It has everything to do with one's ability to look at the objective facts of life.

Yet for those who need 'balance', then let us hear from the Beast himself on the matter. And for those who don't like the 'Beast', I will just remind you that if you are not a Christian, and you consider yourself a New Ager, then Aleister Crowley is the Father of your faith.

Here are two chapters taken from Liber Aleph, and Epistle of Therion to his Magickal Son 777

{Epsilon }{gamma }
My Son, I charge thee, however thou beest provoked hereunto, tell not the Truth to any woman. For this is that which is written, Cast not thy pearls before swine, lest they urn again and rend thee. Behold, in the nature of woman is no truth, nor apprehension of truth, nor possibility of truth, only, if thou entrust this jewel unto them, they forthwith use it to thy loss and destruction. But they are ware of thine own love of truth, and thy respect thereunto, so therefore hey tempt thee, flattering with their lips, that thou betray hyself to them. And they feign falsely, with every wile, and cast about for thy soul, until either in love or in wrath or in some other folly thereof, thou speak truth, profaning thy sanctuary. So was it ever, and herein I call to my witness Samson of Timmath, that was lost by this error. Now for any woman, any lie sufficeth; and think not in thine extremity hat truth is mighty, and shall prevail, as it does with any man, for with a woman her whole craft and device is to persuade thee of this, so that thou utter the secret of thy soul, and become her prey. But so long as thou feed her with her own food of falsity, thou art secure.

{Epsilon }{delta }
The nature of woman, o my Son, is as thou hast learned in our most Holy Qabalah; and she is the clothing in sex of man, he magical image of his will to love. Therefore was it said by thine uncle Wolfgang von Goethe: Das Ewigweibliche zieht uns hinan. But therefore also hath she no nature of truth, because she is but the Eidolon of an excitement and a going of hy star, and appertaineth not unto its essence and stability. So then to thee she is but matter and to her thou art but energy, and neither is competent to the formula of the other. Therefore also thy will is itself imperfection, as I have shewed thee aforetime, thou art not in the way of love except hou be dressed in that robe of thine which thou callest woman. And thou canst not lure her to this action proper to her by thy truth; but thou shalt, as our grammar sayeth, assume the mask of the spirit, that thou mayst evoke it by sympathy. But thou shalt appear in thy glory only when she is in thy power, and bewildered utterly by ecstasy. This is a mystery, o my Son, and of old times it was declared in the fable of Scylla and Charybdis, which are the formula of the rock and the whirlpool. Now then meditate thou strictly upon his most worthy and adorable arcanum, to thy profit and enlightenment.
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