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I am going to be completely petulent...i have not read the "insider" but i can honestly you honestly think an "insider" would give a flying stuff about you petulent nothings?

You're being played with, most probably by the same bloke who does the "voice of the White house".

Forums will do anything to increase business.

Give me a break people!

I bet when you get those..."you have won 3 million dollars, please read and post with bank details..." you cant help yourselves with the ever so "slight" hope it's for real!

Try naked water ski'ing in West Oz's white pointer waters...far more thrilling.

And as for his amazing "off the cuff" knowledge of various subjects. If you want, i'll go into deep conversation on the origens and nature of the universe, Jungian Psychoanalysis, gold extraction, the cortico medullary osmotic gradient of the kidney, operating a VPAP ventilator and where to start skinning a sheep and how to put it's guts into a bag without getting it all over your hands.

Liberty Forum INPARTICULAR has little intimidating book worms who will run you up and down the street with their esoteric knowledge of this and what.


If I was an insider i'd be full of Coke and down at one of the European Model parties. Not hanging out with forum geeks. Besides, where was he tyoing from? Internet cafe? Or home where his I.P could be traced? It's been done here.

Now everyone get back to your mundane jobs and pay your taxes, especially in Oz as I will be putting in my dole form this week.
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