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I guess there was a time that some insider into Illuminati conspiracies would have gotten me worried. But in all honesty such 'revelations' make me yawn these days.

Why? Because if the world and Illuminati and the Thelemites and all the 'kings' of the earth really admitted to you people what I have done, you would never be affraid or even worry about them again.

And here's the facts: The only power that the devil, or Satan, or Illuminati, or XYZ has is the power that you give to them.

What society does not understand is that it could destroy the New World Order with but one concerted act of free will. That's the truth.

You could overthow strongholds, principalities and powers, corrupt businesses, corrupt government, the whole shebang, with one concerted act of will. They wouldn't be weakened, they would be obliterated from the face of the earth.

There ain't no such thing as a 'chosen bloodline' by the Secret Chiefs of Illuminated Luciferian government except those families that sold themselves body and soul to Satan long ago.

But they are powerful! you say? THEY ARE NOTHING!!!!

There is only One Crowned and Conquering Lord over Heaven and Earth. His name is the Lord Jesus Christ. He already won the war 2000 YEARS AGO!

He has made US Kings and Priests unto our God the Father. Satan has no power here. We are the Ancient Alliance. We are the Church of the Living God enrolled in Heaven.

What utter folly to believe that this Illuminati is going to take over the world and destroy Christianity. They will be consumed utterly with FIRE FROM HEAVEN!

You have forgotten that Christ built a Kingdom that will never be destroyed. Christ is not only the Ruler of the Aeon, he is the LORD of ALL AEONS! He is the Maker of Aeons!

The Illuminati, in all its pomp and circumstance will one day fall down before the face of a Pure Fool!

They have forgotten the Word spoken of old: For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God...I will bring the Wisdom of the Wise to Nought, and I shall destroy the understanding of the cunning.

God chose those who are NOTHING, that he might bring those who are SOMETHING TO NOTHING! That no flesh might boast before his eyes.

Their pomp is nothing. Their wealth is nothing. Their control is nothing.

They claim to have diamonds and pearls. False, O Satan! Thy kingdom is made of dust and rust! Empty, cold, broken, naked, wretched, and miserable are they! They sit in the shadow of death in the valley of Pyramids in the eternal destruction whose name is enscribed in flame, Ruin of Choronzon.

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