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Q:whatīs your thoughts on "peak oil"

A:It is known within certain circles that it is manufactured.
The Earth is producing more oil/gas than is being used now even believe it or not, it is a natural process "the more you take, the more it produces to balance itself".
Study the bees and the way they produce honey and you will understand.

On top of that there are many places with large amounts of natural resources which never have been touched.

The agenda?
I think you know.
Really? How profound. This guy is well read. Thomas Gold had to write a 300 page book detailing the stolen details from the Russians on the Abiotic Origens of oil and natural, we have the condensed version...with "bee metaphor".

Q:what commonalities do the bloodlines share?

and have you ever fucked a child?

A:Understand that "bloodlines" have been chosen to rule, it didnīt just appear out of air.
The souls which incarnate into these bloodlines who rule are picked by Divine Law.
Other things donīt have to be mentioned.

The second question shows you read to much Icke who is a tool that is being used.
But to answer, no.
Chosen to rule? I thought it just came about from years of inbreeding and fucking your cousin. Is that another name for "Divine Law"?

As for fucking children? It is a well worn detail of the Elite that they are so fucked up on coke and meth + SSUI's that they have no idea whether they are coming or going. Kiddie Fiddling is a required practice for the rich and shameless who have no grounding other than physically abusing little children for kicks.

As for Icke...we worked it out too Mr Insider...

Please, give us more "insider" talk...

Q:Where do you elites store your mentally ill relatives caused by centuries of inbreeding?

A:It is a myth that inbreeding always causes problems.
If the 2 persons who procreate carry genes which are of better quality than the rest....
No, it is a scientific fact, bourne out of years of breeding dogs, cattle and wheat varieties that to "specialise" genes around a small grouping leads to genetic abnormality and insanity in humans over time...especially when mixed with delusions of power and to much money that removes the grounding nature of life through struggle.

Lord have mercy! Caning this sap is like clubbing baby fur seals...i will struggle on...

Q:why have you allowed us to breed like rats if population is what you feel threatens you?

1. We havenīt allowed that, you have more power than you think you have.
2. Population does not threaten "us" in any way, shape or form....again a myth.
No, the plebs have NEVER had power. If they did they would have prevented the murder and starvation etc... of approximately 200 million people last century alone.

Population IS THE most threatening problem facing the Global Elite. Just as 500 million peasants in central China demanding a peice of the pie is THE most threatening problem for the Chinese Elite. I mean, come on people!

Next idiot answer...

To be continued...
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