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Absolutely, hilarious, truebeliever. And true at that.

I'm sure someone will worry that we babarians, and non-elitists are simply misinformed about the 'truth'.

Nonsense. The problem the Illuminist is facing today is that he is getting dumber by the minute because of his stupid metaphysical view for one thing, and he wants to bong-bong his first-cousin for another.

What if just the opposite were true. What if the Elite human being was one who came from a broad gene pool, mixed-blood, and lived all his life in the 'working class', which in fact made him stronger, smarter, healthier, and in fact Superior.

Mixed with a well trained mind in the truth of the gospel, mixed with all the potential power of God to fulfill his will on earth - I'd bet double or nothing that the Luciferians might just have a problem.

Now, what if everyone stopped being affraid of the bogey-men Illuminati, and began living as what men were made to be.

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