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Default Just A Reminder About My Identity And What I Stand For!!

8-) :-) Hello there nutters and other Paraniod people!This is just to remind those new names around here about who I am. I am 30 year old Australian male.I am Presently living in Sydney Australia in a burb i would prefer not to be but that will be short lived!.
I was until recently a University student.However i have deferred for while and have started working fulltime again, so all you libertarian pricks can get screwed because although i know many of you outnumber me on cc I dont care what you think of what i am doing with Australia,s tax dollars and why would any of you over there in Nth America or Europe give rats ass anyway is my big quandry!.

I Dont swallow your mantra that greed and self interest are Supreme virtues!.
Anyway libos dont believe in countries only universalism like the left sided part of the hydra so dont give me your corny Howard or GWB style Neocon patriotism here .kay keep back I attack grrr!!.

o.k now that we have that sorted my interests are the same as many of you secret societies and how they manipulate us also, Philosophy, politics,Religion. Another specialty of mine is hassling new age types and hippies they are hypocrites and scum especially the ones that turn yuppie and drive 4wds around big cities like sydney or Melbourne and drink lattes at cafes all the time!.

Politically i have no hesitation in stating that I am a Nationalist i would like to go back to a more Fortress Australia and drastically reduce immigration especially coloured ofcause.

Although you maybe thinking why dont i join a whitepride well i have before however so far as I am concerned they are nothing but bollocks all controlled by ZOG and in Australia and by Blue blood pro Monarchist Anglos whom i do not all fancy. I regard my self as very much celtic not anglo as my background is both Scots/Irish. I would also like see an Austrlian Republic ASAP!

Physically i visit the gym once a week and use do kickboxing so iam not all intellect and no brawn.However any women that may take an interest I warn you, femonazis and other assertive gonad crunchers do not interest me only submissive women that behave like women!.

Okay that is it from me now back into the shit stirring, and i do enjoy it let me tell you!! 8-)

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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