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Let's see, I need to brush up on my Da Vinci Code.

Merovingians are the supposed kids of Jesus and the Magdalene, right? The story goes that Jesus was a hippy cultist around Galilee, who kind of just 'showed the way, man', met a whore named Marry, 'showed her the love', and then had a bunch of kids that make the X-men look like whimps.

Arthur and uh...those other people that people who don't live in America know about, and all that stuff. Yeah.

No. Insider is just a dork.

But, Brown is a gnostic moron who found a nice way to make a happy buck off of all the 'Charmed' and 'Buffy' New Ager Wiccan, Anglican Atheistic apostates.

They deserve Dan Brown.
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