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fra_nothing wrote:
Let's see, I need to brush up on my Da Vinci Code.

Merovingians are the supposed kids of Jesus and the Magdalene, right? The story goes that Jesus was a hippy cultist around Galilee, who kind of just 'showed the way, man', met a whore named Marry, 'showed her the love', and then had a bunch of kids that make the X-men look like whimps.

Arthur and uh...those other people that people who don't live in America know about, and all that stuff. Yeah.

No. Insider is just a dork.

But, Brown is a gnostic moron who found a nice way to make a happy buck off of all the 'Charmed' and 'Buffy' New Ager Wiccan, Anglican Atheistic apostates.

They deserve Dan Brown.
Was thinking more along the lines of the claim by many that they are the ones that have hidden hand in certain events.

'THE MEROVINGIAN SIGNATURE OF THE HURRICANES cites Chuck Pierce's “Word over Florida” in February of 2004, in which he prophesied that “waters of breakthrough” would begin in Florida and that these floods would be across the United States by December of 2005. This so-called “prophecy” is coming to pass, so far with stunning accuracy. '

Chuck Pierce Site
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