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Default Re: the O.T.O Hoax

:-? Hmm interesting site i had no idea such a site existed in Australia.
What makes you so sure fra, it is all fabricated. What do you know about the webmaster or have you delved deep into it, how do you know its a hoax. I mean where are you getting your information from?.

I have heard of these OTO freaks before their SIC puppies that should be either castrated or put off the streets.
I believe the secret society that founded the Nazis had links to the OTO Thule Gesellshaft. They are bad news.

Maybe the Jewish Nazi hunters and anti terror squads should take out these turds before they create another tyrannical ideology or dictatorship with supernatural powers.
But ofcause they wont because some of Howards cabinet and law enforcement are probly members! :-? :-x
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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