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10:56 am EDT Re: I am a member of an Elite Family who you despise...ask me a question

Q. Is it necessary to know why we are here to escape, or just work out where we are?

Are the answers to be found "inside" or by "joining" soocieties, or by appealing top divine intervention, or all three?, or none.

You have answered no other of my questions, I hope I have not offended


It is necessary to have a view of the whole spectrum, when it is partial it will be like looking through the window while it is partially covered with a curtain.
You do not know what is behind that covered part therefore cannot act accordingly.
What covers the whole spectrum?
Understand this place, what and where it is, know what you are, how you came here, why you came here, how to return.
Prepare yourself for the answers, cleanse yourself, reach out for the Mind, speak (within-"with-out") that you are ready, live strictly according to the answers.

Do not join "secret societies", never, whatever the circumstances are.
Also no religions, including the new age, do not accept human gurus/prophets/priests/rabbis/imams/popes/fortunetellers/"mediums"/dalai lamas/politicians/authors/scientists/"celebrities"/parents/etc. as legitimate authority on Divine matters....on other matters it is your choice to accept or decline, however accept the consequence.
You only need yourself and the Divine, no intervention by others in bodies....again, no intervention by anybody.
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