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Was thinking more along the lines of the claim by many that they are the ones that have hidden hand in certain events.
The hidden hand?

Watch "Layercake".

It is the story of a coke dealer who is a decent guy making money. He's near the top...but not quite. Above him is another thug. Above that thug is a part time thug married to an English Blue Blood. He employs ex-SAS to do his dirty work..."Mr Troop".

You cannot seperate Old Families from business/finance, from drug dealing, from intelligence services/armed forces from covert op's from the news on the telly.

They are nothing but a clique of the rich and powerful who partake in varying levels of abnormal behaviour brought on by drug use and having too much time on their hands.

Above them lie the Elite of the Elite. They are not motivated by money or even "power" except as a tool for the application of an age old ideology...a belief that flows from deep within their gut. Indeed karmically, from the base of their cock rising up through the chakra's.

They do not want to fiddle little boys or girls or even take drugs, they are above that.


To claim a suicide bomber is motivated by "money" or "fame" would be ridiculous. He "believes". He believes he is striving for the "ultimate" values. For the intangible world, not of this world. And so it is with Elite Masonry/Illuminism...they are "True Believers".

And they are willing to "crack a few eggs" in the name of their "belief's".
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