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Default Re: tribulation?

Born_To_Die wrote:
Of course, sometimes during this tribulation Jesus should show up, but I am losing hope of that.

Look Jesus is our Saviour ... we can't disappoint

God and not destroy ourselves ... according

to Revelation and quotes from Jesus ... the

whole trinity is betting that the NWO is going

win ... I don't think we will let them down.


Consider: Jesus wanted all men to be brothers, to live in peace and good will. The church upholds inequality, national strife, and war.

Jesus condemned the rich as vipers and oppressors of the poor. The church bows before the rich and accumulates vast wealth.

The Nazarene was born in a manger and remained a pauper all his life. His alleged representatives and spokesmen on earth live in palaces.

Jesus preached meekness. The Princes of the Church are haughty and purse-proud.

'As you do unto the least of my children,' Christ said, 'you do unto me.' The church supports the capitalist system which enslaves little children and brings them to an early grave.

'Thou shalt not kill,' commanded the Nazerene. The church approves of executions and war.

Alexander Berkman 1929

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