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Where did he get the date from?

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11:12 am EDT Re: I am a member of an Elite Family who you despise...ask me a question

And by Divine Law, Christ was sent here to correct the situation.


Yes, but Christ did not descend into the body of a human called Jesus of Nazareth, 2014 years ago on March 20th, almost 2 hours before sunrise (which is the secret time of birth of your "son of god").
The Christ (which has a different "real" name but I will use this name here) appeared once, just once, and this was in another era, not even close to our era where Jesus of Nazareth also lived in.

Do you know who keeps the knowledge about the real Christ alive?
And do you know who keeps the knowledge about the fake christ(s) alive?

The opposite of what you are thinking.
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