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Default Re: How many religious intolerance threads does it take to distract good "men"?

It seems the NWO wants to destroy all three monotheist religions, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim. All three of these religions believe in God and all three acknowledge Satan as the evil force

The evil force (NWO) is trying to pit every one of these groups against each other.. When we show intolerance against another faith, we are helping the Evil. The Lynne syndrome ultimately is divisive.. We will need a huge base of many different faiths to fight an octopus the size of monster that we are taking on.

When the 'Johnny one notes' come into the forum on a single issue, (That their religion is the only true belief), and everyone else is damned in Hell.. It gets in the way of CC's purpose, and that is to expose and possibly help defeat the NWO.

And the thought that these intolerant people, Would run to Mommy (admin) ,and claim some kind of victim status.. makes me sick.. "Victim Status".. Hmmm.. Where have I heard that before?

There are rules against abusive conduct posted, and it's good to have them..They keep us civil.

Mary.. They are just mean people hiding inback of the Bible.. Stay put.

I don't think they are like any type of Christians I know because, their posts reek with hate, and I sence no love in their letters.

Like I have said before, It is my conspiracy theory, that these two individuals are in cahoots, and are determined to disrupt this site.. They are from the other side..
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