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BlueAngel wrote:
Shannow wrote:
blue angle,
thanks for the great news :-(

Seriously, why would they NEED to resurect that virus ?

It's not like they can infect a shit-load of people to test how they could have controlled it ?
Didn't you read the article, Shannow? :lol:

They needed to reconstruct it in order to better understand it.


Reconstruct a virus to better understand it.

Do they ask it questions? Does it answer back?

Like you said, what is the benefit to them? They're not going to infect themselves in order to find a cure.

So, now we have this deadly virus in the hands of some scientists who were what? BORED!!!!

Or, they could release it and cause MASS ILLNESS/PANDEMIC (population control) or look for a vaccine, but I highly doubt the latter.
Bio-weapons research :-o
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