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BlueAngel wrote:
So, then, would it not be fair to say that religion, in some instances, serves as a distraction?

They know this and have used it as a tool for centuries to keep the sheeple at odds with one another over their beliefs and thus far, with this in mind, have been able to bring our World to the current "crisis" mode that we find ourselves in.

Continuing with their agenda, covering their tracks laced with lies, deceit, deception while the masses argue over who is politically and religiously correct.

As if, in this world there is only room for one belief system in both orders.

It seems to me that there is ONE commonality among many regardless of our religion and/or beliefs that we all share.

Perhaps, it is GOD, perhaps, it is a "higher power." Maybe it is our soul, a spirit, an angel, a divine being.

I don't know. But religion has served it's purpose in the 21st century and that is to divide groups, breed hate amongst them; divide and conquer.
From Insider:

Religion is created by "us".
The religions which rule now are the ones that are under total control.
I canīt give out to much about this but Christianity/Judaism/Islam/Buddhism are a bit off, letīs say.
There is a core of truth, but it is drowning in a sea of perversions....for you to pick out, good luck.
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