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The dilemma I find myself in when it comes to God is that I donít know how to "think" about it.
I donít believe that a human mind can grasp or understand the mysteries we find ourselves in. Where did God come from?
Where did anything come from? HOW? WHY? Those answers are not only too complex and alien to understand but are too powerful for a
physical mind to process. Knowledge is power. What we want to achieve is complete knowledge, happiness, control...
Most of us want to be God and donít even know it. The question is 'why'. The desire is so strong; it cannot be coincidence, just as a
starving man desires to eat. These days anything can be considered... What if a human had obtained ultimate knowledge and created
a world of his/her own? This one. Only a human would make a world so imperfect. Then again, itís just a theory (which I disbelieve).
I wonder how much wading we will have to do to get to the one true God.

Thinking has an effect on you and your surroundings far more than you know.
It is perhaps the most real thing you can experience. To understand the deepest, most challenging questions that we can comprehend,
you must not 'THINK' but 'FEEL'.
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