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Many other flocks exist and some or evil for lack of a better word. They are older and powerful and have a very strong leader. They are responsible for the fairy tales and fairy tales they are.

The word religion is not found in the King James Version of the Bible. Religion is a human construct. The Bible is a book of truth and has no private interpretation. In human though, the Bible should not be confused with the human desire for religion. That is a subject that has no resolution. The word Shepherd is used in this book for the exact reason stated. Humans require a shepherd, at least for the moment. GOD can not be understood by humans at all. The communication or words of GOD can. This will not be liked but it is true for this universe, all is made for the pleasure of GOD. GOD never hides GOD's will (GOD has no gender). The human race has puts its on opinion on GOD's word. We are no religion far from it. Regarding other worlds, there are many places of habitation in the ELOHIM Universe. In the first Earth age or dispensation there was a planet between Earth and Mars. Humans were not to be the evolved intelligent species on earth. Only after the earth became tohu and bohu was the change to an evolved human made. The immediate surround of earth was chaotic. In the second verse of Bereshith (Genesis)some order was given to the Earth and evolution here was interfered with. This was the approximate start of the second earth age. The Earth has an owner and it is not humankind. The earth also has a pretender who will come first. When the real OWNER comes all will know it fully and none will question it and it will be LEGAL. We can only say that all the information to understand this is available to you. You are intelligent and do not need us for this. Unfortunately, this most important Book is held captive by human religion. Religion did not spring from this Book, but from the human mind. Religion is used to give power to a few. This Book was given to give knowledge to all.
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