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Default Re: I feel that this flu may have real potential and that the NWO will soon be making their final th

I doubt ANY outbreak on U.S soil. They would prefer to keep it on the Asian mainland where information can be more easily contained.

We saw the results of SARS...panic over complete and utter bullshit.

That will be enough.

Just rumours of dying masses and rumours of this and that will cenatralize power even more.

I believe they will be relying on several scams rather than ONE big one.

Seeing the "buzz" the "Insider" has generated I see the potential for Alien Invasion as more than coffee talk. A "wise" and "noble" Alien here to tell us Christ never existed will suffice and give us relationship advice. Maybe plug an Ab-roller or two? People will love it...because there lives are so very boring and they've taken all the violence outta Jerry.

Remember too...they cant have the U.S TOO locked down as they need a good deal of chaos.

They will however be locking down Australia real quick as the people you despise are all moving here.
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