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Default Chinese Execute 2 Girls For Stealing Fish From Pond. Picture.

My friend cannot remember where he got it from and their is no link. He was surfing and simply clicked hiw way to this.

It appears to be taken from a video camera done in widescreen 16:9 mode.

The story is that in a Norther Province these 2 girls were servants of a General who basically has his own little fiefdon their (thats what you get with the NWO, thats what we've all got to look forward to). The Generals wife is a complete nutter and these 2 were executed for stealing fish from their pond. Or maybe the wife caught the General "playing" with the 2 servents.

It could be fake but I doubt it. China is E_V_I_L. My only reservation is that iam seeing the photo...not that it does'nt happen.

This is what you get with the New World Order...Tyrant Kings and Robber Barrons...enjoy.

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