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on sablefish/his posts-
boy you buy freeman's hokum on "disruptors" (i.e that's what he calls we Christians, ephesians), lock stock and barrel.

ephesians, we know Satan is the accuser of the brethren.

This week he worms his way through this forum, via freeman's word put out there to describe us. Not thinking for themselves, but assuming he is all right in his sharings, they connect such words with their own spiritual blindness, and connect us to the worst. Of course, it's a lie.

Anyone who talks about my sharings of Bible based websites for spiritual learning and edification, and calls them "litterings", amongst other bad words, is not one who knows better, in these things.

Thank you for coming to my defense ephesians and to rush dooney, again! I think you were very kind and very brave here, considering the chunk of folks who are like-minded against us here, to defend me the way you both have.

RUSH DOONEY-thank you-wherever you are!!!
Rush was right in what he said, maybe I shouldn't have taken him a wee bit to task on it, about how he went about it on here- telling the truth about right and wrong in how I was treated.But you know, at LEAST he was man enough to step out and admit about right and wrong.

I am always impressed to see the bravery, through courage and kindness, demonstrated by real men. I don't mean this as flattery. Thank the Lord for the Godly men. They have integrity, and would not pick on a woman, and I think in these isolated instances you both may've felt pressed to the point, when you saw the content of what was said to me. It's ok. Other guys are just males.


P.S. I believe NOTHING sablefish writes at this point. I hold him no ill will but can buy not one thing he says. Sorry. freeman, well, no comment..

To forgive is
to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you..
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