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just one more thing though, if you want to talk about this topic, that's up to you guys, but I have made my peace about it, and when I say I forgive, I am not covering it by going on again about it..

this is not a judgment of you or anyone else. I can only speak for my part on it and my part is I forgave.

your talking about it I have no reply on that either way, though as I stated, I do appreciate your looking to defend me friend, thankyou.

but that's about it- not an encouragement to keep on, nor a request to stop-

this is a thing you have to take up and speak of yourselves, or not.

I've said my part , thanks


P.S. ephesians, I haven't really read what they wrote to me below, not fully, I am not sure I will.

As I was addressing you.

But I had to add, I urge you to cover this and I mean it, here's why.

I have adde dlinks here to what I thought wouldbe good teachings, for those interested in jesus. Now due time constraints etc. < Ihave not always had the ability to delve in depth into these sites for an awrenes sof the full message they share. Most, yes, but not all, only if the essential message was there.

As for this topic, part of loving one another requires forgiveness.

This is done by not repteating a wtong and putting it "on display" for all mankind.

Going on and on all day and night about the "wrongs" of men is somehat meaningless, as we all have sin and pressed to that impatient point, can come out with some pips of our own.

We are given, through God's Holy Spirit, through Jesus Christ alone, the power to say "No!" to sin. We are given the ability to clearly know right from wrong and the most redemptive working of this begins in our own hearts. All else flowing from there, with Him as the only Source, the true vine and the brach. We, the little branches.

Pray for the salvation ALL here, please.
Letting them know they are wrong and how and why is enough. We need not make a travesty of their sin and weakness. There but for God's grace, we'd be just as lost and blind and ticked off irrascable.

Aren't they a pretty crew playing "god"? But where is the mercy towards them? We have His righteouness we can speak for His view, His Spirit, His Word, but where is our mercy and love?

I'm not chiding you for standing up for me brothers, bravery in love is true bravery, the world needs more! But how are we loving them?
And I speak for myself too. We get so defensive w eare so much defending oursleves and our Lord our faith all day long! And I know it can be tiring, I understand!

Can we just let this topic die, Please?

I forgave mary, it is finished.

If my Lord said it is finished , in closing that deep wide door on all my ugly sins, who am I to pretend to keep the door open going on about the sins of others?

To forgive is
to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you..
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