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Default Re: AOL Time-Warner Censors Alex Jones Websites

Yes, everything is there for a reason, NOMAD. But, there will be a day when no longer shall we sit idly by and allow them to strip us further of reporting the truth. This, of course, will require that we band together in numbers. Whether internet folks, or not.

So, if it becomes mainstream media, SO BE IT!!

Well, Michael does seem to have some good points, but as far as truly understanding that the American people have never really been free, I think he either lacks in that area or pretends not to know.

Afterall, NOMAD, I remember Grey Bull Lodge, Richard Cheney, Richard Nixon, Bush, Sr., Pierre Trudeau, Bohemia Grove.

Spector and Hatch as well. Kerry and Clinton, too!

Blackmailing politicians using children from mind control programs is standard practice.
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