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Default Re: How did the Female end up Worshipping herself?

In this thread, we have been busy bashing the female for her wanton ways. It is easy to lay the blame for this sorry state of affairs at the feet of the NWO; however, a more fundamental cause is at work here. Males in general, as a group, are the culprits.

I have grappled with this issue for many years. Thanks to Julian Lee, I now have a much better understanding of what is going on. What follows is an excerpt from his book Bliss Of The Celibate.

Julian is an astrologer who specializes in the effect a location on earth has on a person. In the following, he refers to the 10th house which deals with business outside the home, and the 4th house which deals with home and domestic matters.

The Male Period: How the western male has been in a state of deep, chronic "PMS" and made the world a mess

The male orgasm effects the the male in the same way that the menstrual period affects the female.

Here is a basic fact that has always been true, but forgotten in the west: Both of the sexes have a loss of vital tissue related to sex and procreation. In the female this is her monthly period. At that time she loses a quantity of blood and vital tissue. It is because of this loss that at the time of the period the female undergoes a psychological change which is well known, and today in the west it is called "PMS" or pre menstrual syndrome.

It is well established in our modern culture that the female experiences various negative states at this time monthly. The phenomena include: irritability, critical moods, depression, moodiness, tiredness, lack of concentration, impatience, withdrawal, and more.

What is important for westerners to realize is that for a male, an ejection of sexual fluid brings him his "period" and his own "PMS." Any orgasm in the male brings the exact same psychological consequences as the period in the female: irritability, critical moods, depression, moodiness, tiredness, lack of concentration, impatience, withdrawal, and more. He has less to give to mate and children, and tends to withdraw for a while. In immediate terms, every female who has had intercourse has witnessed the noticeable change in mood, lack of interest, and marked withdrawal following the male discharge. It happens right away. He becomes a different man. The glint is now gone from his eye. He turns away from her in the bed; a moment ago he was passionate and extremely interested--willing to do much for her. Now he seems not to care at all, or is even repulsed by sex and by her. An actual feeling of disgust arises in man, for sex and woman, immediately after orgasm generally.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to comprehend why this takes place. The man has ejected something from his body that had a lot to do with his former mood. And now you see an immediate effect.

As with the female, the effect on the male, physically and psychologically, extends well beyond the first hour after the loss. It extends at least 24 hours in the male after he loses pearls, and it is better at this time if he withdraws. In fact, most men do indeed withdraw from constructive social intercourse for some time after orgasm. The smart ones simply slink away and don't even deal with their families for at least a day. The ones who stay around in the family or social setting for the first 24 hours after intercourse will show irritability and less patience. Check it out all you couples: Most domestic fights occur within 24 hours of the man's orgasm. This is confusing to women. It is especially more true if the man is "running low" in the first place. If a man has orgasms less frequently, his store of shakti, and pearls, is much higher, so these effects are mitigated. Some effect will be noticeable after even one orgasm in a one-month period. But for men who who are wanton with orgasms, his hidden "PMS syndrome" is already running chronic and deep, and any discharge affects him more because he is already overdrawn at the bank.

Now consider that the female gets hit with this only once monthly. She experiences this loss only once every 28 days. It is dictated by nature once a month, but no more. But consider the average western male, most of whom are sex addicts. He chooses to have many, many "periods" with loss of vital tissue, throughout the month. Ignorant modern "sexologists" have even encouraged him in these wanton orgasms, stating that to have less than a prescribed number is somehow "abnormal." So what we have in the west, and in most places of the world, is most of the men on permanent PMS.

Qualities of nobility, patience, magnanimity, energy, and strength accrue in men who conserve their shakti. But now such men as these are rare. The standard for men's behavior has dropped lower and lower over the centuries. Women are accustomed to men "on PMS" because the men are almost always in this state. Because men are chronically on PMS, it is difficult to perceive the contrast between a psychological low or high -- men are always at a low. For this reason, women have actually become psychologically superior to men.

In modern western society, women and their PMS have a big reputation. The real reason she gets criticized for this is her normally higher psychological state. The change at period time is a noticeable difference. Men, on the other hand, are always at a uniformly low psychological state. So they don't appear to have any big changes of state. There is not the benefit of contrast as for females. Men are always "on PMS" and trying in various ways, usually with distractions or drugs, to deal with it. This is the truth, and the world can receive no benefit until men figure it out.

Again: What we have now is a culture in which most men are in a long term, chronic state of PMS. Men and women should be intelligent and realize this. In the sexual discharge, Nature is intending to give us something very great -- the birth of a new human being. Thus they should realize why nature extracts a penalty from men for sexual discharge, just as Nature has always done for women in their monthly period. To ignore these obvious facts is one of the signs that western society is basically ignorant and misses the obvious in Nature. (No wonder the west is destroying the earth if they are too ignorant to catch this.) It has also led to the corruption of west and east, and the ruin of Nature and human society.

Of all factors in the destruction of the planet and the deterioration of society, this is the most important cause: the western man's chronic state of PMS, which makes him addictive, moody, impatient, restless, critical, needing to mood alter, surly, depressed, agitated, unbalanced, materialistic, needy, greedy and worse.

Divorce would be cut in half if men were not in a chronic state of PMS.
Men would treat their wives better.
Wives would stay attracted to their men.
Men would not be raping and pillaging the earth in search of thrills.
Men would be kinder to their children and have more patience with them.
Men would be less critical of all family members.

This is the truth, and has always been the truth. The divine shakti is sacred, and it's loss has a profound effect on the mentality of the male. Check out the big sexers: the pop stars who wantonly dump their fluid everywhere: They look like old men at a young age. The only way they maintain their youth is with expensive treatments, transfusions, money, relaxation, etc.

How often did nature intend for man to have a loss of vital fluid? You guessed it. One needs only to look at the female, who is more in nature's embrace, to guess the answer. Once a month is nature's maximum for the male. Any more orgasms than that makes the male PSYCHOLOGICALLY INFERIOR to the female. Take this a truth to remember forever. Yes. I am telling you something that is true today, in the 1990's A.D. The truth is this: Women, in general, are now morally and psychologically superior to men. They have more patience. They have more evenness. They are more reasonable. They can handle a more complex and stressful daily load (especially mothers), and they live longer. The entire reason is that they lose vital shakti less often than men. Women have been gaining moral ascendancy over men now for many centuries because of the male wasting his shakti. Women take over the world for this reason, and there is no alternative as long as the male wastes shakti. In that condition, he is not qualified. As soon as a man begins to hold on to his shakti, he becomes a different kind of man, however--the sort that once existed and is today rarely seen. Also his relationship to women and positive effectiveness in the world is restored. Only in the culture of renunciation does man come back into his higher nature and leadership qualification. More on that at another time.

So these orgasms that men have -- they verily have a heavy price. You need to look at nature to understand what nature is intending. Nature provides many clues to the positive plan of creation. Consider it plainly:

When the woman has sex with a man, she receives something. The deposit of the man's pearls into the woman actually is of great physical and psychological benefit to the female. The ancient Chinese Taoists remarked extensively on the positive effects to the female. Her body and spirit is positively nourished by the tract of generative substance deposited in her by the male. This is one of the reasons females "glow" after sex.

Now, assuming all went according to nature's intent, the woman now gives back something profound in return. After the male gives up his something, the female then gives back something very great, which only she can do: An infant human being, precious and innocent.

Do you think that is a trivial thing? Indeed, a child is the greatest thing a man and woman can create in this world. Think of it: Such is the power of the male seed that the female will respond with such a powerful thing!

So one must comprehend the high value of a male's pearls. They should not be trifled with, or else it is to his detriment. Man was not made to have more than one orgasm a month, or else he comes into a low psychological state. It is actually because of man's obscene wantonness with his shakti that women today are gaining in social and cultural power over men. They had to. Women have had no choice! Man has abandoned his high psychological and moral station. He has abandoned his nobility.

In medieval times, a man's sexual organ was known as his "virtue." There was a plain reason for this: The male sexual energy is the cornerstone of a man's psychological resilience and his character. When he dumps it wantonly, he loses his virtue.
The world is out of control because men are out of control and the female is having to grab the wheel of the "Tenth House." In doing so, she has to also try to be at the helm in the "Fourth House," where she always used to prosper, and having to do both, she does them badly. This is all the responsibility of men and his disrespect for the sacredness of sex, and overdoing sex beyond what is ordained by Nature.

But the joy is that with knowledge and cultivation, men can come back into their true power, stop our "fall," and bring back the Garden of Eden, day by day, by Degrees. We are falling out of the Garden every day by degrees, but you can stop the fall today, now.

Now we have been commenting on how sexual self restraint benefits a person, especially the male. But we have hardly begun, because the first benefit is really damage control: getting the male out of long term chronic PMS and giving his nobility and power as a real human being back. In the west, that will be the first effect of sexual self restraint. We are talking about giving his patience back. Getting his steadiness of mind back. Getting his nobility and fidelity back. Getting his calm and generosity back. Getting rid of his neediness and thralldom to sex.

But now we will speak in more positive terms and describe the wonderful charms, powers, and psychological improvements that descend upon the male who begins to respect his divine shakti, even by making a moderate attempt at restraint, say, cutting his orgasms in half.
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