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BlueAngel wrote:
Can't you just oppose the NWO without using GOD. Do it in your own name!!!
Blue Angel. I was not laughing at Satan when I made my comments.

I suggest that you do not try that little trick. Only a back woods snake oil Church of God charismatic would call throw a meaningless jab at Satan.

I was laughing because Levithan is full of crap about Esdras and the Book of Enoch.

Sataniel = Heb. Adversary of God. This, of course, is true enough. And I don't even mind it as a proper name. But it isn't from Enoch or Esdras, at least not the versions I've read.

And too, who ever said Levithan opposed the New World Order? I know I'm new here, maybe I'm wrong. But if didn't know better, which I don't, I'd say Leviathan is a Satanist in full harmony with the New World Order.

This sort of like people who go to christian BBS sites and think they are going to meet Christians. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many times Satanists start Christian sites.

Be close to your friends, stay closer to your enemies...or something like that, so goes the maxim.

And did we forget that Satan himself is wont to transform himself into an Angel of Light?

I do think it is humorous how the Satanist will use such polemics as 'your Christian kind'; 'your species'; 'that race of yours'. They pigeonhole us into zoological classifications.

I guess we should begin talking about the various Satanic species. You've got your Leviathan sub-class, your Behemith sub-class, you Luciferian sub-class, and etcetera etcetera....

This is your basic breakdown of Satanic zoology.
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