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DarkChilde3D wrote:
It was just a joke . . . I noticed the two of you seemed to be butting heads there in another thread.

About the cussing . . . you're the one that said "BULLSHIT" to me in the "Women Worshiping Themselves" thread if I'm not mistaken . . . but that's neither here nor there . . .

Now there is something I wanted to ask you in a PM, but for some reason, I cannot PM you. Its not a big deal or anything, but its not something I would ask in the presence of anyone else, but I have to know . . .

What happened to make you despise women so much? I myself am a victim of the zero-tolerance law . . . and I didn't even do anything to her . . . but this doesn't mean that all women are 'bitches.' There are still good ones out there.

So what's your story?
Well, I used bullshit because it was the nicest, most apt term for the subject. We might begin to think of this as a sort of 'holy shit', if you will.

But ask away...


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