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Default Re: Would They Hang Out In These Places In Perth West Oz?

truebeliever wrote:
At 2am I had one of my funny turns that said take them down.

I can e-mail them to you if you're interested in them.

With the way laws are going here and the tone of this forum at times they could easily say i am a "terrorist". I am well known to Police here in West Oz. They are corrupt as hell and i'm told "Knights Templar" weild a great deal of power here. We had the Assistant to the Police Comissioner resign in VERY suspect circumstances that have not been explained to the public. The service here WREAKS from top to bottom with corruption and even when it's unearthed NOTHING happens.

Perth is a VERY sick town beneath the surface and is AWASH with crime and corruption and the OCCULT.

As an example...a detective told a friend he was being starved of funds for paedophilia investigations that went ALL the way to the top...and what does he do? Nothing.

Whats with that handshake BTW?
Smart, good common sense. Just so long you took them down ;-)
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