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Default Re: Chinese Execute 2 Girls For Stealing Fish From Pond. Picture.

truebeliever wrote:
Baby eating as 'art'.

Post 3.

I too would love to see the place wiped out. However, as usual, it will not be the Elite who die but the poor peasants.

The CIA sponsored Mao and refused arms to Chang Ki Shek, a former Communist converted to Christianity.

The Chinese peasants can thank the CIA for the shit they now live in.

More specifically the Globalists who own and run China.
The Elite would not have a shred of power if not for one thing - paper currency.

I call for paper currency to be henceforth abolished throughout the world. DAMN THEIR CURRENCTY! Which is fake to begin with.

We go to the barter system. We will establish something the world hasn't seen in a long time - Real Value.

I call for the total annihilation of civilization as we now know it.

It's time for the Individual. It's time to be Free.

"Workers of the world, Quit!"

P.S. Well, I need to modify this a bit. The Elite would not have a shred of power without Human Currency.

What is the foundation of both Communism and Capitalism? Yes, Human Capital. The 'stock-in-trade' as it were is Human Beings. Paper money is just another illusion. But that's not where the gold is.
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