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Listen to me lynn.. freeman is a Great man.. and I have known a few.. freeman can see things that you and I cannot.. I think he is the brightest bulb on this forum..

Why is it your instinct is to pick on the leaders, or is that something that you learned in school?.. In what country did you get your training?.

I figure that you are a foreign operative. (why don't you give us a telephone area code where we can call you?).. And for that matter why is your profile vacant of traces.. I'll tell you why.. Your intentions were always to disrupt this site.. With something other than Christianity on your mind.

All you have to do to prove me wrong is to give me a telephone number.. and we will have a chat about Jesus.. O.K.? I am a Christian... Just send me a message into my inbox.. and I will look at your area code... and give you a ringle.

If I am wrong,.. Please forgive me for being suspicious of you and your 'friends' causing discontent here on this forum.

Fellow CC's.. We are under an attack of the disruptors.. Let me see if "she" is real... If I get a number to call "her" and I am wrong.. I will apologize... But my instincts tell me we are under attack.. by vultures hiding in back of Bibles.
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