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Listen to me lynn.. freeman is a Great man.. and I have known a few.. freeman can see things that you and I cannot.. I think he is the brightest bulb on this forum..
Great, you love him, I'm glad. That's nice

Why is it your instinct is to pick on the leaders, or is that something that you learned in school?.. In what country did you get your training?.
Don't you think you all ought to be asking yourselves that question? Training?

All you have to do to prove me wrong is to give me a telephone number.. and we will have a chat about Jesus.. O.K.? I am a Christian... Just send me a message into my inbox.. and I will look at your area code... and give you a ringle.
You're not a Christian. You're lying! Your posts lump Jesus in with every other "ascended master". Bug off..

If I am wrong,.. Please forgive me for being suspicious of you and your 'friends' causing discontent here on this forum.

I forgive you. But I don't trust you, and I understand that's how some of you think, because you love freeman enough to believe lies about others. Never love anyone that much.

Fellow CC's.. We are under an attack of the disruptors.. Let me see if "she" is real... If I get a number to call "her" and I am wrong.. I will apologize... But my instincts tell me we are under attack.. by vultures hiding in back of Bibles.
Oh my gosh, ephesians, do you see what I must contend with here?

I wish you could see me smiling. I wish you could understand how sadly, hysterical this is. Sad that you can't trust who I am, and the many vain imaginations you court and entertain about others and me. And hysterical because everything I've said and all about me as well is true!

It's not my job to talk to you about "who I am".

Are you in the business of talking to strangers, who do not know you and spilling your guts? Why should I?

I won't.

Your going on in this vain is an attempt by Satan, your father, to shut me up and stop my fellow Christians from sharing or talking. And you and your "friends" will be responsible for each soul led astray.

As for you mr sablefish, I am dropping you cold. Your posts, particularly about "me" and "Christians", are in error.(I am sorry I want to be kind, but you're all wrong, and climbing up the wrong true here-slandering me-and desperately annoying, I might add, sorry.)

Now go away and leave me alone. I won't be party to anymore of your disgusting and wicked posts, which are Satanic lies, dragging me in with the likes of the Devil.

sablefish, I forgive you, I just don't want to know you,I'm sorry. Or your "friends".

As for freeman, I said what I did and I will say no more. I am not here to go into lengthy expository writings about the depths of men's (people's) "hearts", unless it is to share what I see as an error in behavior, or a false view I might wish to clarify, from a Christian perspective.

I have no more to say on him. He can imagine the worst things about me, who he does not know, I will not join in the slanderings you both seem to participate in public and private.

Freeman has closed the door to me, and there you go.

And to pick on all "4" of we vocal Christians, to the ton of you here, as well-

Shame on you!

Topic closed.
To forgive is
to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you..
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