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Default Re: So what is up with 'Insider' from that other forum?

igwt wrote:
fra_nothing wrote:
igwt wrote:
fra_nothing wrote:
He is an Indian from the upper caste who speaks Hindi and Malayalam. In the 1980's he moved to Afghanistan where he studied computer information science and joined AL QAIDA in the resistance against the USSR.

Now he seeks to create reverse counter intelligence and insurrection in the west by inflaming the westerm man against the Elite Capitalist.
What makes you so sure? Or are you being facecious?
Just a wild guess. What's your theory?
Hard to say, anything from mad genius to bored intellectual. This individual wrote concerning subjects that are way above the majority.
You know, as cynical as I can be at times, and as much as I would like to think have a point.

But to the contrary, what did he really reveal that could not be gleened from Behold a Pale Horse, or Apocalypse Culture?

What I'm saying is that this is basic Theosophy, Luciferian, Conspiracy stuff. I saw nothing that 'flipped the switch', so to speak.

P.S. Oh, man...I just realized something. How could I be so dumb.

You know why we have problems taking this guy seriously? Because we really know nothing about him. He might be the real deal. But we'll never know.

Why? Because of the stupid questions he was asked. If you ask stupid questions, you get stupid answers.

I can't believe that he was not given more focussed, precisely stated questions that only an Illuminist would know the answers to.

This requires a basic knowledge of interigation.

His responses remind me of Svali. Vague answers to everything.
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