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Default Re: Chinese Execute 2 Girls For Stealing Fish From Pond. Picture.

Shannow wrote:
fra_nothing wrote:
I'm sure it is marketed in the name of 'secure transactions'...makes it all nice and legal like.

Electronic currency systems certainly do seem interested in every ones 'security'.
why else would the banks be prepared to "cover" the cost of credit card fraud ?

The benefits far outweigh the cost of an occasionaly criminal activity.
Well, good point, Shannow. Another reason the banks are going to have to do this is because they have their whipper-snapper super-computers running schematics on credit vs real value economics.

Once the people of the world have become so utterly indebted to the credit companies (your friendly local bank), they will be FORCED to engage in credit card fraud. There is no other economic choice in the matter.

Think I'm kidding? How is the Average American going to pay off their wonderful student loans in proximity of 50,000 big ones each? By a nice, normal job?

Ha! Ha! These people know micro-economics better than that. They know EXACTLY what you can afford and what you CANNOT afford.

The moral dilema I am facing is how to make credit card fraud 'not-exactly-illigal'.

Don't blaim me. I didn't start the fire. The declared war on me before I was ever born!
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