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Default Re: Chinese Execute 2 Girls For Stealing Fish From Pond. Picture.

Nor will it any longer do for the Banking Thieves of the 'Illuminati' (for lack of a more apt term, such Dipshit, Asshole, Dickhead, etc)

to blaim US for living 'irresponsibly'! We have been systematically FORCED to become indepted to credit. There is no other option for 'making it' in America without becoming a slave to the damned credit card! and the student loan bullshit, and the HMO, and the forking medical insurrence BS!

We are finished with their lie that they pawn on us of 'living irresponsibly'. Nothing is futher from the truth. I am drug free. I have an IQ of 155! And I am a slave to my immediate environment because of a silent war with silent weapons conducted by Elitists who think that I was born to a lower caste then they.

We'll see.
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