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Default Re: Chinese Execute 2 Girls For Stealing Fish From Pond. Picture.

Shannow wrote:
fra_nothing wrote:
How is the Average American going to pay off their wonderful student loans in proximity of 50,000 big ones each? By a nice, normal job?
little bit more subtle down here, as we don't have student loans as such.

"World's greatest treasurer" (his words) suggested that University graduates dshould be taxed an additional 1% for the rest of their lives.

Later, he relented, and allowed a different scheme, whereby you paid off as a percentage of gross income, it didn't kick in until a "threshold income" was reached, and the outstanding balance increased by 8% per annum, as an "adminstration fee".

I quickly worked out that it was an extra 1% forever, and paid it down.'s not just an acronym.
Very good, Shannow. Congradulations on living in Australia when a person still might have an iceburg chance in hell.

Consider America, however: the land of the slave and home of depraved. Here we have a wonderful 'family value' system. That system is comprised of the total breakdown of the family designed to GIVE EVERY FUCKING THING to sister, and not a damned cent to junior.

In the old days there was a philosphy of inherited wealth. Dad made a bunch of money in his life and then junior took over the business.

But, once you break down the family, there IS NO DAD anymore. So, you can make junior a total pawn of the state.

If I were really smart I would be a MASTERMIND FINANCIAL CROOK and rip off the establishment for everything they are worth.

Just one problem with me: I wouldn't give you a quarter for the whole damned world!
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