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I'm done with you . You will hear nothing but silence from me.. and when Henry realizes what you guys are doing to his site.. I hope he can figure it out.. because disruptors like you will guys pretending to be Christians will destroy this place.

The only way to stop you vultures is to not respond.. And if that means that you, rush, and the other dude are the only people left .. The rest of us will find somewhere else to go..
Henry doesn't like intolerance.. He thinks we must join together if we are to stand a chance against Lucifer.. And here you and your friends show up as Satins children and pretending to be Christians.. If I was Henry I would get rid of you serpents now... You are not Christians.. You are from the other side.. The side of the NWO.. You guys are the enemy of all humanity.. Hiding in back of the Bible.. May you and your accomplices rot in Hell.

I hope Henry or the administration runs an ISP check on you guys.. because I don't see any telephone number where I can call you .. and talk about Jesus.
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