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Default Re: God Condemns the Sin of Lesbianism

freeman wrote:
I used to know this guy who passed out Chick tracks at the mall. Came to find out a few years latter that he ran coke out of his house along with a bunch of his Christian ministry buds. The truth of the matter: The guy was a member of some fake O.T.O. wannbe offshoot around Dallas.
...deja vu all over again! In my case the guy turned out to be dealing dime bags of weed out of his apartment and molesting teen age girls from his Christian Young Life high school group.
Finally went up on charges, but never any sentencing pronouncement in the local he was probably covertly connected as well.
Oh yeah (wiping away tears of laughter), been there, done that...
I'm sure that if we took a survey of the world we could get a whole cartload full of Chick stories. And if you're serious, then that is amazing.

Because I'm not kidding about my Chick 'testimony'. And you don't strike me as joking either.

But about Jack Trash Chick tracts, you know they are all fake, don't you?

Jack T. Chick doesn't even exist. Never did.
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