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Default Re: Thinking about joining, anyone with me?

If you can't read the signs of the time and see that everything Jesus foretold is true--then you're in great danger.
Yes, I know. I am in danger from people like you, but fortunately God has given me the insight to recognize and reject you.
Further dialectics are useless in your case.
You have perverted the true message of Jesus the Christ. You want to hate and kill in His name and convert others to do the same, with your paranoid babblings of imminent threats from Moslem terrorists, etc.
You are part and parcel of the NWO conundrum. You do not fool me or many others on this forum.
But feel free to ply your craft; however, don't expect me to waste my valuable time on you.
For some reason that defies all earthly rationale, I believe that God still loves you, but even He knows that you're the type who will have to learn the hard way.
And you will.
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