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Default Re: Thinking about joining, anyone with me?

Freeman... ( I feel gabby tonight) It is strange that we should arrive at so many of the same conclusions.. You have led a much different life than have.. and yet the same conclusions?.. Very interesting.
Yes, the way you describe it, we seem to have had very little in common with our respective life experiences, yet people like us and Dr. Makow have arrived at way too many of the same conclusions through long, painstaking examination and research for this "conspiracy" to be any less than a reality IMHO. That's what reinforces it in my own mind.
The only commonality I see in your biography is your description of yourself as a independent, a loner, someone not easily infuluenced against his own will. That is probably the common denominator, based on what I've learned of Dr. Henry's past experiences as well as my own. There are, quite simply, a certain percentage of people (albeit much less than the majority) who cannot have the wool pulled over their eyes indefinitely. That is the big gaping hole in the NWO doughnut. Thatis what keeps them up at night.
I find your Manson anecdotes intriguing. Are you saying you think he was innocent of the crimes for which he was convicted? I know he tried to mock Freemasonry in the courtroom by displaying secret symbols he had learned (he was a member, probably converted in prison), and shortly thereafter he was restrained and gagged.
Certainly he seemed to me like someone who had dabbled deeply in Satanism. It is entirely possible that he might possess such a list -- and that he might have even used it to bargain his way out of execution.
And no, I have seen no miracle workers either in my lifetime, but remember, Christ prophesied such for this generation -- until the very final days.
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