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Default Re: The Battle For Your Mind

This has nothing to do with true Christians at all.

Some man named "Protocal" places an article here with 1 grain of truth and 99% non truth about Christians.

How do you know this person "Protocal" is not a party who is in agreement with the 'nwo' and is interested in seeing men geared to any belief system BUT Jesus Christ, you don't

It is impossible for true Christians to be "brainwashed", we have Christ's Holy Spirit inside of us! How do you think I can say the things I do here? I assure you it is not because I am working "on their side(nwo)". True Christians, as myself, are the most potent sources of your truth. We know the voice of the Good Shephard (Jesus Christ) and another's voice, we do not follow.

Can you say the same?

When you become a slave to Jesus Christ, you will be able to. Your quest for answers will come full circle, not that you won't still have questions.

God Bless you
To forgive is
to set a prisoner free and discover the prisoner was you..
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