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Default Re: NYC Subway Terrorist Threat

The police are apparently going to check people's baggage. Some bridge is being crossed here. Before 911 it was obvious that many everyday situations are open to brutal crime/terrorism but it doesn't usually happen in countries not at war.

It is/was remarkable how relatively peaceful we humans are when we are well fed.

Now, after 911, we are conditioned to see the world differently when it is the same as before. Terrorists could always have caused mass suffering but usually they didn't. Thanks in large part likely to inter-national intelligence cops busting up shady customers.

A distinct possibility to come, as in London bombings, and 911, is that terrorists that get through are ones that are meant to, that the state is sacrificing it's own citizens.

Speaking of 911, here is an event that cries out "Conspiracy". And yet the public is expected to believe the governments simple theory of 19 guys, who can't fly too well, but are remarkably persuasive with box cutters. So impressive is this theory, that many future air travellers are relieved of their nail clippers - and other weapons of airlinal persuasion.

The Dubya gub'mint is the best dang conspiracy theorist in town!

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